Chapter 02 Experimenting with Lines

This experiment about line of Flash, open the Stroke panel and experiment creating lines with the Line tool or Pencil tool using various types, widths and colors.


Chapter 02 Using the Lasso Tool

Use the Lasso tool to select the fish. Once you have selected the fish, copy it and paste a scaled copy in the area to the right of the existing fish.

Chapter 02 Using the Subselect Tool

Using the Sub-select Tool, modify the objects in the bottom row to match the items in the upper row. Reload this file and try it again with the Arrow tool to see the difference.

Chapter 02 Rotate and Scale

In this chapter lock Instructions layer the working begin by using Select All (CTRL+A) and Group (CTRL+G) to make the plane a single object. Use the Arrow Tool options to Scale, Rotate, and Skew the object.

Chapter 02 Straighten Smooth Modifiers

Flash is uniquely when we drawing with line. Using the Arrow Tool options, use Straighten on the top row of elements and Smooth on the bottom row. Lets try to draw line like the picture bellow.

Chapter 02 Working with Groups

Using the Arrow Tool, double-click the group to the right and make it match the one on the left. Select the Paint Bucket to fill an area. Use the Arrow Tool to select line segments and then use the Delete key to delete them. When you are done double click again to restore the group.


Chapter 02 Arrow Tool For Moving 03

Using the Arrow Tool for Moving
Using the Arrow Tool, select and move each bird over the box below it. Then deselect it. Reselect it and move it back to view the results. This practice is described in understanding the differences color of grouped object and ungrouped object.


Chapter 02 Arrow Tool For Moving 02

Using the Arrow Tool for Moving
Using the Arrow Tool, select the objects and move them from the lower row to the upper row. Move the square in the first cell, move the lines in the second cell, move both lines and fill in the third and fourth cells. Easy Tips for select piece from object with double click mouse at blue color, if double click mouse at black line is selected only piece of line.

Chapter 02 Arrow Tool for Moving

Using the Arrow Tool for Moving

Using the Arrow Tool, to practice this project, select the objects and move them from the lower row to the upper row. Remember that by default Flash will add to the selection just by holding Shift and clicking on additional objects. To deselect, click on a blank spot on the stage or work area.

Chapter 02 Using Arrow Tool

Using the Arrow Tool for Shaping

Using the shapes below, use the Arrow tool to move and reshape the objects. Keep in mind that the cursor will reveal what type of transformation you will do when you drag as shown below.

Practice for this project is click in blue color or green color and move that color to out work area.


Chapter 01 Layering

Basic Layering Object in Flash

The sample picture they are have four objects human body like these layers Dark Hair, Body, Face and Hair. Replacement the keyframe in timeline at frame 5, 10, 15 and the last keyframe at 20.